5 Best Cheap Spas for A Full Body Massage under $65

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June 07, 2017

  • 5 Best Cheap Spas for A Full Body Massage under $65

    Image: Le Spa

1. Healing Touch Spa: Multiple locations for easy access

  • Multiple spa venues:

    This spa has 7 different locations across Singapore, making it easy to get indulged no matter where one is.

  • 5 different affordable choices

    : One can make her pick from 5 different massage treatments for just $55 per hour.

  • One hours trial at $46


  • Frequent promotions

    (check their website for the updated)
  • Asian Fusion Massage: $55 per hour
  • Deep Tissue Massage: $55 per hour
  • Slim Lipo-Laser Slimming Treatment: $38
  • Thai Fusion Massage: $55 per hour
  • Shiatsi/Acupressure: $55 per hour

2. Traditional Javanese Massage Hut

  • Numerous spa locations:

    6 different spas are convenient for those living in the North, East and West of Singapore.

  • More than 20% discount for members:

    While non-members have to pay $65 for a 60-min session of Traditional Javanese Full Body Massage, members can enjoy the service at only $50.

3. Le Spa

  • All day, all night operation:

    Ever seen a 24-hour spa? Now you have!

  • Express full body massage session:

    a 30-min massage for $38

  • Spas in central location

    : two of their spas are located in Chinatown and River Valley areas.

  • Beautiful spa rooms
  • Le Urban Fusion(LUF): 30-min session for $38; 60-min session for $60
  • Le Royal Balinese: 30-min session for $38; 60-min session for $60
  • Le Classic Swedish Retreats: 30-min session for $38; 60-min session for $60

4. Rule of Thumb Sanctuary Spa

  • Late opening hours that fit everyone’s schedule:

    This spa is open till 04:00 in the morning! Whether you are longing for a massage at 10 am or 3 am, Rule of Thumb Sanctuary Spa has you covered!

  • 4 massage options with prices at $60 to choose from

  • Cozy and relaxing ambience
  • Shiatsu (1 hour): $60 Non-Member, $55 Member
  • Relaxation(1 hour): $60 Non-Member, $55Member
  • Deep Tissue (1 hour): $60 Non-Member, $55 Member
  • Back(1 hour): $60 Non-Member, $55 Member

5. Hands + Feet Studio

  • Stylish décor and themed spaces:

    With two different themed spaces, Hands & Feet is an extremely stylish studio. Relax your mind and body in the ‘Gallery Space’, with indie magazines, exclusive art pieces and reclinable arm chairs for your comfort.

  • Gentle and friendly staff