Boosting Lean Muscle Mass with Collagen

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Over the last six months I’ve been taking collagen and silica supplements for Hair, Skin and Nails. It seems to have worked wonders, with lots of new hair growth and a definite improvement in nail strength. I don’t normally take many supplements – I like to think my diet supports my body well enough to function optimally. However, as we all know your body produces less and less collagen as you age (hello wrinkles).

Collagen: What are the benefits?

  • Strengthened hair by resorting collagen at the follicle, which improves growth and texture.
  • Increased skin hydration by retaining moisture
  • Improve strength of weak, flaky nails

Nothing new here. But did you know that collagen can actually

assist with lean muscle gain

and tone? It promotes the production of natural creatine in the body, which is essential for new muscle growth. Collagen is actually a type of protein which when ingested, is broken down by the digestive system into individual amino acids.

Collagen supports the connective tissues throughout your body. When you work out for long periods, the collagen in your body begins to degrade. Only when degradation is at advances stages do symptoms (such as pain and injury) begin to occur. Taking a collagen supplement when during periods of training can help to maintain your collagen and connective tissue.

Collagen may also assist in protein synthesis, meaning that you body can actually better absorb the protein you feed it. Your body can put it straight to work – improved uptake of protein by the body can assist with lean muscle gain and keeping you satiated.

Natural maintenance:

to ensure sufficient collagen in the body, try to prevent loss of the collagen that you already have. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies full of vitamin c and anti-oxidants.


always try to boost your nutrients naturally through diet first. You can buy supplements in






form – whatever works best for you! I like to add the tasteless powder sachets to a

post-workout shakes and snacks

, or stirred into greek yoghurt for brekkie.

Do you take collagen or silica supplements? Seen any benefits? Let me know your thoughts below!

Sally O’Neil – Editor in Chief

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