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Happy New Year!

I am glad to inform you that we have just passed the 1 year anniversary at Detox Massage!

This has been a very transformational year resulting in a variety of new services that are available to you! You can expect much more to come in 2015.

Some things to be made aware of that Detox Massage currently offers:

Raindrop Therapy- uses high grade essential oils in a specialty modality created to support immune system health, remove toxins, get rid of deep muscle and mental tensions, and eliminate harmful bacteria and virus from the spinal fluid! (This has many great applications!)

Wellness class 101- learn simple “life hacks” that keep you well. For example, we’ll be discussing things like “how to eat for your blood type” and natural remedies you can make from grocery store produce. (dates to be posted)

Couple’s massage (find out about the Valentine’s day special coming soon!)

Massage classes- I will teach you how to give safe and effective massages.

Company visits- I will bring a massage chair to your place of business, and help you easily be at your most productive state.

HIGH GRADE nutrition products- anything you buy at a GNC or similar store is selling you short. VERY short. I have chosen my health products primarily from Nature Rich- a local purist company. If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to dialogue with you or give you a short demonstration.

Also- we’re opening Uptown Stretch for targeted community stretching! Join us for this wholesome experience. e-mail me for details!

Don’t forget to share about Detox Massage to your friends. If you are referenced, you receive a 15 minute credit! That’s a $25 value. Special bonuses are available for Facebook advertising- inquire for details.

This is the year to restore more- so schedule your appointments now!

Thanks- and be at peace!

Kevin at Detox Massage

Phone: (612) 267-3190



Address: 1406 W Lake Street, Suite A (lower level)

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