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What kind of yoga do we do?

We share the ancient practices of yoga, meditation & mindfulness in a modern accessible way. We believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, no matter what your beliefs.  Our practice is a combined system of physical movement, breath and mindfulness.  Since we opened in 2005 we have  been in a continual state of evolution with what we teach. Our practices include an intelligent approach to postural alignment which embraces individual uniqueness.

Yoga Foundation Classes:

This class is designed as a “Yoga for Beginners” class or those wanting more instruction.  Throughout the class instructors will assist you into the proper pose alignments that work best for you. Also you’ll get opportunities to ask questions and learn why we do certain things throughout the practice.  You will learn the basics to

Vinyasa Flow

and Sun Salutations

.  Expect short workshop moments where demonstrations are done and questions are asked.  Everyone is welcome and everyone can do this practice.  Classes will be gently heated to 85F.

One Hour Power Classes:

Be prepared to sweat!  This heated vinyasa power flow class is designed to help you get the most out of your one hour class with a heated sweaty yoga flow. Classes will be heated to 92-95F.

All Levels Classes:

Be prepared to sweat!  Our “All Levels” classes is a heated

Power Vinyasa Class

open to everyone regardless if your a beginner or experienced.  The instructor will help each student find their own sweet spot by offering variations and modifications.  Classes will he heated to 92-95F.

Slow Flow Classes:

This class is designed to help you step out of automatic ways of moving and to investigate your body and breath in new ways.  We utilize breath work along with unique flow & movement.  This class is great for beginners or those that are looking for less “low-pushup” emphasis.  Classes will be heated to 85 degrees.

Express Flow:

This class is our signature “All Levels” class but condensed into 45 mins so you can get in and out to start your day.

Strength 45™ Classes:

Strength 45™ is a fusion of Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Mindfulness, Pranayama, HIIT Training & Intelligent Strengthening. This is not a yoga class, although we use many elements from the practice for warm-up and finish. What makes it different?  We have incorporated aspects of strengthening that we think are most often neglected yet vital for over-all functional wellness. S45 classes are also designed to take you through intervals of HR increase for cardiovascular health.  Breathing exercises and mind focus training are also incorporated for a total mind-body fitness workout in 45 minutes. There are no high impact moves and varying levels with modifications will be offered for all exercises.  All levels are welcome (beginners and advanced).  Strength 45™ was created and developed by the Yoga Project.


This is a therapeutic practice that incorporates the principles of Chinese medicine and meridian theory. Long holds, mostly floor work targeting the low back, hips and pelvis, this session is equivalent to a massage and an acupuncture session!  This practice is not heated.  All levels welcome (beginners  and advanced).

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