How Does Head Massage Help In Hair Growth?

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How Does Head Massage Help In Hair Growth?

It is now a proven fact that massaging the scalp with oils is a great way to

enable hair growth

. It increases blood flow to the scalp, and good flow of blood occasionally is good for your hair growth.

Therefore, we can definitely say that head massage

benefits hair growth

! This is one of the most

luxurious beauty tips for hair growth


Head Massage

If you are looking for hair growth by a head massage, then do opt for a massage at a spa once in a while by trained therapists. They are skilled in the techniques that increase the flow of blood to your scalp. The masseur applies pressure at the right points and this, in turn, stimulates the blood vessels on the scalp and helps in better absorption of oxygen by the blood vessels. Each hair follicle needs an equal amount of nutrients to go into them for the proper growth of each of the strands. So the more of the right kind of massage with the right technique the greater the chances of good hair growth.

Regular head massage for hair growth with oil and, of course, a good shampoo will definitely boost up the hair growth rate.

How To Give Yourself A Head Massage At Home

1. Be Comfortable

Select a calm place away from distractions, where you can concentrate on what is happening.

2. Use Your Fingers, Not Nails!

Use the fingers of both hands and place them on an imaginary center line of your forehead, while the thumb will provide support on your temples. Apply light pressure and then release.

Now slowly shift your fingers up your forehead, close to your hairline, and again apply some pressure and release.

Keep repeating this until you reach the center of your scalp.

From there, move down the back of your scalp. Continue the movement in the way.

Once you reach the base of your skull, return to the front and repeat the movement. This time, your fingers should be on the sides of your head. Once you cover all the areas of your scalp, synchronize your massaging movement with your breathing. This will help you to calm down and lets your scalp feel refreshed.

3. Prepare The Scalp Massage Oil

Put a small amount of massage oil on your fingers and begin massaging in circular motions. Starting from your temples, reach over the rest of your scalp. Keep on adding oil to your fingertips when you need it.

Once your complete scalp is covered, place a warm towel on your head and leave it that way for around 10 minutes, so that the oil settles down on your scalp. If you are suffering from a dry and itchy scalp, you can even leave the oil overnight.

4. Wash Your Hair

Once you are done with the scalp massage, you can wash your hair well with a good shampoo and conditioner. Apply shampoo to your scalp and massage gently. Make sure not to pile your hair on the top and scrub, as doing so creates tangles. You might have to shampoo twice to remove the greasiness from your hair.

5. Repeat This Regularly

Doing this scalp massage regularly will help in reducing the tension and will help in keeping your hair healthy.

Below are some of the essential oils that can help in nourishing your scalp:

  • If you have dry and itchy scalp, you can go with Chamomile oil or Tea Tree oil. They assist in soothing the skin.
  • If you are suffering from dandruff problems, Lemon oil works the best.
  • Castor oil and Almond oil promote hair growth.
  • Peppermint oil acts as a natural cleanser and improves blood circulation of the scalp.

Head Massage Steps For Hair Growth With Essential Oils

Use of a few drops of essential oils during the massage is sure to increase the hair growth rate. Also, a warm oil massage helps to get the scalp relieved of dandruff. The dandruff is washed out during the shampoo following the hair massage. If you have a bad dandruff problem, give yourself a warm oil massage, followed by using a nit comb to get rid of the skin flakes. No more flakes and a good

head massage for hair growth

is sure to improve the condition of your hair.

Head massages benefit hair growth and also your overall body and well-being in the following ways-:

  1. Relieve the pain from spondylitis or other kinds of neck pains, which you may have been facing due to long hours of work each day.
  1. While getting a head massage for hair growth, you will also be relieved of headaches and sinus problems
  1. It will help you achieve your body’s full potency to work since you will become energized and active.
  1. Have you wondered why you feel sleepy after a good massage? Massages relieve you of stress, and the naps you take after one will be among the best.
  1. Use of essential oils like Lavender, Chamomile, Thyme, Rosemary, Jojoba, or Grapeseed oil mixed into warm extra virgin olive is just a TREAT to your scalp. These not only

    control hair loss

    but also help sustain good hair growth.

A healthy scalp results in healthy hair. A regular massage not only prevents hair loss but also promotes hair growth. So, give your scalp massage a try!

Do you have any head massage tips? Let us know in the comments section below.


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