Palm Beach Gardens Massage for Pain Relief

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Palm Beach Gardens Massage for Pain Relief

At Gardens Health & Wellness, we often see patients who are suffering pain after a

motor vehicle collision

, other type of accident, or from another injury or condition. For many of these patients, in addition to chiropractic adjustments, our


often recommends

Palm Beach Gardens massage

for pain relief and rehab. This is a non-invasive form of bodywork that complements the adjustments the chiropractor makes, and reduces pain and inflammation in the affected area. In addition, it promotes healing.

Massage Therapy Essential to Rehabilitation

Subluxations of the spine’s vertebrae can be caused by a motor vehicle collision, another type of accident, or by chronic misalignment due to poor posture. In all of these cases, the soft tissue around the bones, i.e. the muscles, tendons, and fasciae, are also affected. They can
Palm Beach Gardens massage for motor vehicle accidents
become imbalanced, either shortened or lengthened, and in some chronic cases they can even become extremely hard. This causes a lot of waste products, especially lactic acid, which is formed when protein is burned in the body, to collect in the soft tissues causing more pain than simply a pinched nerve or damaged tissues.

Relaxation, deep tissue, Swedish


and shiatsu are all viable massage techniques to mobilize the soft tissue and flush out the waste products once all immediate damage to the muscles is healed. Normally, a healthy body will mobilize the soft tissue itself, but damaged and imbalanced tissue has less circulation and therefore doesn’t have the capacity to effectively cleanse itself.

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle collision or

car accident

, pain can vary from mild to intense and can be chronic if left untreated. You need a soothing form of

pain relief

that also enhances the healing process immediately after the motor vehicle collision, as well as during your

rehab period

. A trained massage therapist will stimulate the tissue’s circulation by means of different palpitation and stroking techniques that increase in intensity. If the massage therapist encounters myogeloses, hard “knots” or lumps in the muscle, he will break them up by massaging them softly.

A skilled therapist can also help you stretch your muscles to regain balance, range of motion and strength after an injury. This is usually done in the form of passive stretching during which you just lie back and relax while your therapist moves your limbs around for you. Typically,
Massage therapy for pain relief and rehab
you shouldn’t experience any pain during this type of therapy. Your therapist will most likely also advise you to take it easy immediately after a session, as well as drink a lot of water to flush the waste products out of your system.

At Gardens Health & Wellness, we have a team of highly qualified physical therapists and massage therapists who are well equipped to offer you this type of complementary therapy for

rehab and pain relief

. If you’re interested in experiencing how this type of bodywork can help you, discuss it with Dr. Philip Scuderi during your next appointment.

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