Partner Massage For Pregnancy & Labour

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Partner Massage for Pregnancy & Labour


Saturday 23rd June – BOOKED OUT

Sunday 22nd July – BOOKED OUT

Saturday 22nd September – NOW TAKING BOOKINGS!

Sunday 21st October

Saturday 17th November


Geelong Wellbeing Centre – 2/204 Myers St Geelong


1:00 PM – 4:00 PM


or call 0407 512 009 for more information

Large Group

sessions (Max 10 couples) will be offered in July and October

Small Group

sessions (Max. 3 couples) will be offered in August, September and November

1:1 sessions

are also available – please contact Laura on 0407 512 009 for information

Empowered and Supported in Labour

Preparing for childbirth feels exciting, joyful… AND can be incredibly scary and overwhelming!

Can you relate?

Childbirth and labour can be an emotional time as the uncertainty of what’s ahead starts to get closer.

And… the birth partner can be left feeling useless and awkward if they don’t know how to provide appropriate support or comfort.

MASSAGE during labour can help the mother to relax, ease her pain and enhance her overall wellbeing.

PLUS partner massage helps the two of you to feel more connected and empowered as you bring your new baby into the world together.

This workshop will empower mothers and birth partners by teaching you the skills to provide nurturing and loving touch during the first stages of labour.

It’s really hands-on and we keep it simple and effective so that you get the skills to make it really easy. AND the earlier in your pregnancy that you do this training, the better!

In this half day workshop, you will discover:

+ How to empower your partner with loving touch during labour

+ How to create calm using essential oils safely during labour

+ How to access the right support for you and your family

If you are ready to see how you can BOTH feel connected and supported during your childbirth AND take a hands-on approach to your new life as parents…


Group Session – $190 per couple

1:1 Session – $220 per couple

What To Wear:

+ You should both wear loose comfortable clothing

What To Bring:

+ 2 x standard pillows

+ A blanket

(If you are unable to bring these items, please contact Laura on 0407 512 009 so that these can be arranged for you)

Spaces are Limited –

Book Now

to Secure Your Spot!

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