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Admist the chaos of May (exam season in the UK), I found Adriene Mishler. Adriene, oh Adriene. Yoga once seemed time-consuming to me, but now I cannot survive a day without doing ‘Yoga With Adriene’. One would consider doing an article just illustrating the benefits of yoga (which, now I have learned there are many…). However, Adriene Mishler, in my eyes, is fantastic for beginner yogis who are out of touch with the practice. Adriene is a ‘yogtuber’ (a yoga YouTuber) that I am so fond of that I am not addressing her by her last name in this article.

There are, of course, other ‘yogtubers’, and Adriene’s


may not work for all. Adriene has abundant types of yoga tutorials on her


; in fact, it is as though she has one for every mood. For example, have you just had a break-up? Adriene has a


on yoga for a broken-heart. How about a bad mood? Adriene has covered it in this


! Stressed? Here she is again,


. Adriene even has a video for when you are angry,


. The list goes on. This makes it, firstly, a lot easier (I find) for beginner yogis to ease into the practice as Mishler has crafted each type of tutorial into handy playlists. The yogtuber even covers

self-care practices

that are very short and, arguably, very crucial. Adriene does not only do long practice videos, she has uploaded short ones too, for when you’re busy and looking for a stress busting fixes.

Adriene has an attitude in her videos that almost makes you feel welcome. Yoga classes can be embarrassing for some, but home practice with Adriene can make one feel not at all embarrassed as her personality radiates to the extent where one may feel as though they are out socialising. Adriene’s bubbly demeanor can detract a beginner yogi’s first practice jitters and attract soon-to-be loyal yogi’s that may follow her videos until mastery of the practice. She is magnetic. All the while she adds subtle encouraging comments alongside her self-deprecating remarks. Adriene puts emphasis upon the fact that one must “find what feels good” rather than try too hard to emulate master poses, I feel this is what can make her have such an appeal. Especially if you are just starting out, yoga can be quite intimidating at the beginning. It is a challenging practice.  Adriene allows her viewers to surpass self scrutiny and “find the light”.

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