Wheels that Heal -Massage Therapy for seriously ill patients

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Hello, my name is Jennifer McInnis. I am the founder of Peaceful Spirit Massage. Thank you in advance for taking your time to read my plea.

My friends and clients suggested that I bring my quest to “the people”. I am hoping to expand my private massage practice by acquiring a Recreational Vehicle and customizing it to be a mobile massage therapy room. (*Wheels that Heal*) My goal is to be able to massage people who are unable to travel to receive my services due to serious illness or inability to get out. Whether it is the non-stop lifestyle we are living or due to illness, I will come to you.

A little bit about why… In 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. I have been working with cancer patients for years and then the proverbial “shoe was on the other foot.”  Thankfully I am now healthy and have a great desire to give back to others.

Over the years, my clients have requested me to come to them during their treatment since getting a massage is so helpful and aids in relaxation as well as helps the soreness from the side effects of cancer treatment. Studies suggest that massage therapy can decrease stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue for individuals facing cancer and devastating diseases. Many health care professionals recognize massage as a useful, noninvasive addition to standard medical treatment.

At Peaceful Spirit Massage, we wish to work with a variety of sponsors including both business’ and personal donations to bring “Wheels that Heal” to individuals facing cancer, MS, and seriously ill patients that can not afford massage therapy as part of their healing.

I would so appreciate you helping me to meet my dream of being able to help others who are in need!

Thanks, Jen

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