Why you need to massage your partner

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Make massage a habit

Many people may overlook just how much of impact it can have on your significant other and yourself as a couple. It’s a shame that it’s not a regular occurrence in everybody’s relationship. If you’re able to give, and your partner is willing to receive, then you’re good to go. Watching a movie on the couch together? Perfect for a leg-on-lap foot massage. (Those are my favourite.) You really don’t have to put a lot of effort, thought or preparation into it. Your guy or gal complaining of a headache? Sit them in a chair / recliner or lay them in bed with their head in your lap massaging their face, scalp and neck for 10 – 15 minutes. If you rarely, or never, do this kind of thing, look up some YouTube videos to get a good idea of what techniques you could use. It really isn’t that difficult and knowing just a couple of techniques will do the trick. Now that we are fast approaching Valentine’s day, there’s no time like the present.

The reasons

A loving touch releases chemicals into the brain which work as anti-stress agents, promoting a sense of peace. Oxytocin for example, is a hormone which is known to be ”the cuddle drug.” It is automatically released when we come into pleasant contact with somebody we care about, including our pets. As well as the bonding effect, it also reduces blood pressure, increases tolerance for pain, improves mood and is believed to increase the rate at which we heal. It’s also a hormone which is directly linked to how much we trust others, a fundamental to any successful relationship.

Dopamine is another ”feel good” drug naturally produced by the brain that controls the reward and pleasure centres. It’s what makes us feel content, high on life, satisfied and happy. Dopamine deficiencies result in depression, which has a whole host of other health issues, meaning we need to have a good amount floating around in our noggins at any given moment. By helping your partner to feel good, you’re not just helping them in that particular moment, you’re also paving the way for continued wellness. The thing with beginning to feel good, is that it has a knock-on effect which leads to more things making you feel good. So, to feel good, we must first feel good. Yep, that quotes all mine. To put it slightly more scientifically, the physical and emotional benefits achieved through massage will enable the short-term positive effects to overlap into long-term. With regularity this can create a beneficial cycle. As an example, one of the most prominent effects of massage is relaxation.

The ability to truly relax leads to feeling well. This enables us to sleep well which promotes healing well. Our bodies are then able to perform well. This leads to a natural motivation to do well, continuing on the wellness path. Wanting to do well leads to


doing well, which then creates a rewarding and purposeful direction in life. It’s like climbing the stairs, or knocking over a line of swirling dominos. One thing leads to the other, and massage, as simple as it is, can initiate all of that. Whichever way you choose to look at it, it’s called massage


for good reason. A therapy used by holistic practitioners, chiropractors, medical doctors and healers alike. Whole cultures are so sure of the wonderful effects, that it’s frowned upon not to participate in massage. For these people, it’s part of their daily routine. It’s used as a preventative medicine, all-in-one beautifier, relief for stiff muscles and joints, circulation booster, immunity booster, headache pill, anti-anxiety drug, pain killer and bonding activity for families.

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